Raw Beginners Videos - L V Country Line Dancers

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Each Video will be approximately 30 minutes long.
The first 2 Videos are dances that we have started off with in 2020
I will add extra Videos of new dances which you can practice at home
I will be stepping thru the first wall only, you can rewind and practice until you feel ready to dance them
Stay safe and well and you can get plenty of practice in at your own leisure :)....Enjoy
Please Note: Due to Copyright I
was unable to put both songs on
some of the dances.
Who's been sleepin in my bed
Wild Wild Flowers
Venus AB
I'll take Texas
Cheap Cologne
Little Drops
Riding Shotgun
Woolshed Waltz
Mamma Maria
Rocket to the Sun
Geronimo Easy
I know i'll smile again
Slow Boat
Raise a Glass

Woolshed Waltz
Berlin at 5

Stroll along Cha
Oh Girl

Rain Dance
Our first Social are the
first 9 dances we have done
This Video does not have a
walk thru but goes straight
to the dances :)
Don't worry I am still up the front
and calling for you ...Enjoy
Instructor: Linda Pink
Contact 0438275327
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