Days of Hope 2023 - L V Country Line Dancers

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It's been a heartwarming journey supporting Oferya and her incredible work of sending aid to her hometown.
She kickstarted this project way back in 2013, and it's been our privilege to join in for 6 years now and lending a
hand in every way we can. Over the years they have tried to put into place many projects to help them become a
little more self sufficient. We have been able to assist this with the large number of sewing machines/knitting machines,
materials and crafts that we were able to send.
The amount of items we collected this year was staggering and we were lucky enough to receive a wonderful
donation from Elaine Kong, along with our money raised from our raffle, we were able to  purchase a huge
amount of items for the school, underwear and soaps. This year has been our biggest year yet and we know that the items
we have gathered are going to people who will really appreciate them.
Thank you everyone for making this day such a huge success and for being so giving. Once again you
should be really proud.
Instructor: Linda Pink
Contact 0438275327
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