Easy Intermediate Videos - L V Country Line Dancers

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Each Video will be approximately 30 minutes long.
The first Videos are dances that we have been working on
I will add extra Videos of older and new dances which you can practice at home
I will be stepping thru the first wall only, you can rewind and practice until you feel ready to dance them
Stay safe and well and you can get plenty of practice in at your own leisure :)....Enjoy
Lonely Blues
Dance with a Stranger
Soul Shake
Like a Wrecking Ball
When I need you
All my Roads

Turning Tables
Nobody but you
His Missing Heart
Oh Me Oh My Oh
Waves of love
Red is the Rose
Love doesn't ask why
Cooler than cool
Stuck on me and you!
Wandering Hearts
Strait to the Bar

Runaway Heart
Ghost Rider
Do A Little Life
Music To My Eyes
Nothing But You
Water Off A Ducks Back
We'll Be Dancing
Red is the Rose

Chain Reaction

Love Junk

Love Drunk

Southern Dream
Zydeco Lady 1990
The Outback 1993
Black Coffee 1996
Jose' Cuervo 1997
Unmendable 1999
Whole Again 2001
So Good In Love 2005
Toes 2009

Bella's Cha Cha  1995
Jambalaya 1997
Just a Kiss 2000
Ghost Train 1997
Loch Lomond 2011
Ticket to the Blues 2015

Gypsy lady 1996
Love Letters 1996
T-Bone Shuffle 1997
Forget all your Yesterdays 2001
Irish Stew 2005
Under the Sun 2009
Shadows  1997
Loose Boots  1997
Just a Memory  2000
Galway Girls  2008
Blue Night Cha  2010
Lay Low  2015
Tell the World  2015
Instructor: Linda Pink
Contact 0438275327
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