Depression/Suicide Fundraiser 2023 - L V Country Line Dancers

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What an amazing year we have had this year and raising another good amount for
Gippsland Lifeline was amongst them. We never dreamed that we could raise anywhere
near this amount of money but we are so delighted and proud that we did.
This is now our sixth year supporting Lifeline and couldn't think of a more
worth while cause.  The work that they do is truly amazing and very much
the thread to those who desperately need help.
All three groups, L.V Country Line Dancers, Rebel Bootscooters and
Ramblin Rose work all year round building up a good start to kick
off our Big Two Day Event.
Our September weekend was amazing and the vibe was so good.
We kicked on the Saturday with 55 coming through the door
for our Beginner/Improver Social. Was such a great day.
We then rolled over to the Sunday with 85 coming through the door.
Sunday was such a hoot with all the final tallies being announced
during the day.  We went a little different with our foyer theme
being Spooky and boy there were lots of scream coming from that
Linda, Sue, Elaine and certainly Gippsland Lifeline would like to thank
every single person who has made this years total possible.
You are all certainly an amazing group.

Bear $335.00
(Made and Donated by Glenda Caruana)
Framed Cross Stitch $68.00
(Cross Stitch by Chris Urand / Framed by Marie Smith
Hampers $453.00
(Donated by Barb Elliott)
L.V Country Line Dancers  $5023
Partylites  $117
(Donated by Yvonne Potts)
Private Donations $1350.00
Quilt / Cup Holders  $455
(Made and donated by Chris Brister)
Ramblin Rose $7290.00
Rebel Bootscooters  $2212.00
Saturday Tickets & Raffles $1310.00
Sunday Tickets & Raffles $1950.00

Instructor: Linda Pink
Contact 0438275327
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