Depression/Suicide Fundraiser 2022 - L V Country Line Dancers

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Our first time in three years that we were able to finally have our socials and what a great
weekend it was.  With lots of mini fundraising going on through the year, with mini raffles,
produce at classes, crafts made and lots of other bits and bobs we were able to make a good
start to our Gippsland Lifeline Two Day Event.With Covid still in our mind we decided to have
our Social over 2 days, which meantwe could still keep good social distancing.
A great turn out of over 40 to our Saturday Easy Social and over 60 to our Sunday Harder Social
made for such a wonderful weekend.  We have so many people who have all contributed through
out the whole year and the big weekend towards helping us make such an amazing tally
and Sue and I and most of all Gippsland Lifeline would like to thank you all so much.  You are
such an amazing group and I would like to tell you,  that since we commenced our fundraising
in aid of Depression/Suicide awareness in 2018, we have raised a staggering $57184.
I think we can be proud of the fact that we have made a difference.

The team at Lifeline Gippsland would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our amazing friends
and supporters at the Latrobe Valley Line Dancers. As many of you already know, we receive only
25 per cent of the funds needed to run the 13 11 14 crisis phone line. Your extraordinary efforts in
raising $15,411 will enable us to continue to answer calls, making sure that no one has to face
their darkest moments alone. We consider you our partners as we strive to deliver on this mission.
The monumental effort that the group put into raising the funds throughout the year is astounding.
We wish we could thank each of you individually, and we hope that you know how much we appreciate
everything that you do to support us. During the worst of the pandemic, people reached out to us for
support at greater rates than ever before in our 54-year history. While we didn’t have the same
lockdowns here in Gippsland as those living in Melbourne, people in our community faced significant
challenges, and these continue to cause problems. The increase in demand for our service has continued
with more people experiencing anxiety, loneliness and depression than they did before. While responding
to this increase is challenging, we are relieved that people are reaching out for the help that they need.
Thanks to you, people will continue to hear “This is Lifeline, may we help you?” when they dial 13 11 14.
We are in this together, and we are so grateful to have you by our side. We love the blue and yellow
theme of the Lifeline Gippsland social. Because of you, there is more yellow in this world (happiness and hope),
than there is blue.

Barb Elliott $536.20
Book Sale $20
Chris Brister $919
Karen Fenech $170
Loch Sport Line Dancers (Leeanne & Russ Mullens) $302.50
L.V Country Line Dancers $3100
Margie Burnes $60
Private Donations $3612
Ramblin Rose Line Dancers $1479.50
Rebel Bootscooters  $1300
Saturday Donations $405
Saturday Money Board $100
Saturday Raffle Money $225
Saturday Tickets Sold $645
Sunday Money Board $100
Sunday Student Donations $1021.80
Sunday Raffle Money $500
Sunday Tickets Sold $945

Instructor: Linda Pink
Contact 0438275327
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