Gentle Improvers Videos - L V Country Line Dancers

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Each Video will be approximately 30 minutes long.
The first Videos are dances that we have been working on
I will add extra Videos of older and new dances which you can practice at home
I will be stepping thru the first wall only, you can rewind and practice until you feel ready to dance them
Stay safe and well and you can get plenty of practice in at your own leisure :)....Enjoy
Blame it on the disco
Hey Senorita
Ez Most people are good
Back some day
Oh Girl
Ooh Baby
Berlin at 5

Dealing Hearts
Wintergreen EZ
Lakes and Craters
Double R Dee
Love Me Love Me
Lay here with me
All Over The World
Let Me Be There
Just Close Your Eyes
Lucky To Be Loving You
Heart Body & Soul
Peaches & Cream
Flicker & Shine
Cinco De Mayo 1998
Hit the Road Jack 2004
The Lemon Tree  2004
Infatuation  2005
Little Red Book 2008
Chica Boom Boom 2009
Country Medley 2013
Love Lifted Me 2013
Just Drunk

Love Ain't

Feel the Sunshine

Young Love
Instructor: Linda Pink
Contact 0438275327
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