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Each Video will be approximately 30 minutes long.
The first Videos are dances that we have been working on
I will add extra Videos of older and new dances which you can practice at home
I will be stepping thru the first wall only, you can rewind and practice until you feel ready to dance them
Stay safe and well and you can get plenty of practice in at your own leisure :)....Enjoy
World for two
Somebody else's moon
Senorita La-La-La
One less day
Black Feathers
Half Past Tipsy
Don't worry baby

Smokey places
Champagne Promises
Heart like a wheel
A little Tequila time
A long way home
Over Drinking
Crystal Touch
Never Stop
Bonaparte's Retreat
I close my eyes
Eyes for you

My New Life
Sangria Sun
Ride Away
Get it Right
Thank You
Black Dress Red Shoes
Feel the Beat

Sweet Hurt
Homesick Heart
Tennessee Cha
Someone For You
Missing You
Red Sun Kisses The Sea
Let U Be Right
Silk & Satin 1995
Hillbilly Rock Hillybill Roll 1997
I Still Believe 1999
Country 2 Step 2003
Sweet Sweet Smile 2006

Por Ti Sere 1998
Live Laugh Love 2000
Magic Moments 2005
Blue Note 2006
Boogie Shoes 2013

Cruisin'  1992
Coastin'  1999
Speak to the sky  2002
Working for the man  2007
Making Memories  2013
My Gypsy Queen  2015
Shadows  1997
Just a Memory  2000
Blue Night Cha  2010
Black Dress Red Shoes

Dance With A Stranger

Close your eyes

Cruel Intentions

Young Love

Instructor: Linda Pink
Contact 0438275327
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