Depression/Suicide Fundraiser 2021 - L V Country Line Dancers

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Well, another year basically locked down but we did our best to support Gippsland Lifeline once again.
Never did I dream....but I should have...that we would be able to raise $11820.
This means that in the two years we have been in lockdown we have been able to raise $19860.00
which is an absolutely amazing effort.Amongst this year's tally, we have to say a huge thank you
to a most special person who made a donation of $3000.00. We cannot thank you enough but are so
pleased that you have chosen our Gippsland Lifeline Fundraiser to support. Another special person who
seams (pardon the pun) to be never off her sewing machine and if not putting together an absolute
beautiful patchwork quilt...making cup holders and still putting together mask was able...even though
we have hardly seen each other was able to raise $595 just through all her sewing. Chris Brister you truly are
amazing. You work  tirelessly all year round. xxx Thank You
The donations that were coming through to me just blew me away and everyone's donation helped make up
this most wonderful tally. I know I keep saying it...but you arejust the best. I think this fundraiser is something that
really hits home with all of us and there are very few families that have not been affected by Depression/ Suicide and
none more so than what we have been through over the past 2 years.
I was over at Lifeline today and they are currently training 13 telephone operators and this is where our money is
being directed. You may not realise this but your contribution may have just saved a life.
From me to you all...a huge thank you and hug...
you just are the very best xxx

Instructor: Linda Pink
Contact 0438275327
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